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Helps healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar

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Boosts blood flow for a surge of vitality

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Fuels your cells with energy to power your heart and whole body

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When it comes to your heart health, it’s easy to focus on your cholesterol, blood pressure, and all of your other heart markers—because that’s what your doctor looks at during your checkup. But the one heart marker that often gets overlooked is blood flow. And the truth is that healthy blood flow powers everything you do! Healthy blood flow makes for a healthier heart, and a healthier heart means a more active life with the ones you love!

Boosted blood flow, healthy cholesterol, and more!

When your blood flow is strong, it means nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to all of your cells—keeping them nourished and healthy. Free, easy blood flow is also critical for keeping things up and running. That’s why leading cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra has identified a powerful combination of heart-smart nutrients, that power up your blood flow dramatically and also support healthy, relaxed arteries.

But he didn’t stop there. Dr. Sinatra’s revolutionary heart health formula addresses ALL the critical markers of heart health, so that you’re able to support your heart from ALL angles—with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides—even balanced blood sugar. Keep reading to learn how just two pills a day of this exclusive, patent-pending formula can replace so many standalone supplements you’ve tried for:

  • Energy
  • Blood Pressure*
  • Cholesterol*
  • Blood Flow*
  • Inflammatory response
  • Blood Sugar*
  • Brain Health*
  • Insulin sensitivity*
  • CRP Test
  • Homocysteine*
  • Triglycerides*
  • Artery Health
  • Vision Health
  • And so much more…

Why throw away money on supplements that leave you wondering, when you can try Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s nutrient-packed power pill that does it ALL?

It brings together highly bioavailable forms of clean nutrients from the world’s most reputable sources, so you get BETTER results and BETTER value from every dose.

Introducing Omega Q Plus® MAX—It’s Revolutionizing Heart Health

Unlike other formulas that provide CoQ10 or fish oil alone, only MAX contains not one, not two, but FIVE scientifically validated, clinically studied ingredients for a healthy heart and vitality.


The Results Speak for Themselves

Just got results from doctor—good cholesterol was great. I have tons of energy to keep up with my active granddaughter. I just ordered 7 months.


—Bridget Z.

My cholesterol labs were great—best I’ve had in years.


—Tena M.

How Can ONE Formula Give You So Many Benefits?

The secret is in powerful, clinically-validated nutrients—combined in the right forms and amounts. This all-in-one formula sets the standard for cardiovascular health with an exclusive combination of ingredients not found in any other supplement!


Potent CoQ10 for a Powerful Cellular Energy Boost
100mg Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10 is 3x better absorbed than powdered CoQ10 and 7x better absorbed by your cells.

CoQ10 “sparks” cellular energy production, including in your hardworking heart. Yet, CoQ10 is tough for your body to absorb. That’s why Dr. Sinatra prefers Hydro Q-Sorb. Using a special process, it “wraps” each CoQ10 molecule in a water-loving substance which shuttles the CoQ10 through your cellular membranes and into your cells—fueling energy!


Next Generation Omega-3s—that aren't from fish
1,250 mg of sustainably-harvested CalaMarine® is naturally higher in DHA, with no fishy burps!

With his patients, Dr. Sinatra discovered that CoQ10 works much better when paired with omega-3s. The best source he’s found is CalaMarine, which comes from tiny calamari squid caught in the pristine deep ocean waters of South America. It’s naturally richer in DHA omega-3s than ordinary fish oil, which is important for your heart, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Plus, it’s clean-tasting—with ZERO fishy burps!


Resveratrol Boosts Blood Flow and Fights Free Radical Damage
30 mg of Cardiologist-Approved Trans Resveratrol Means BIG Blood Flow Benefits

This powerful antioxidant found in the skin of grapes is what gives red wine its heart-healthy reputation—but you’d have to drink gallons of wine to get the heart benefits. Trans resveratrol is a powerful, concentrated source of this vital antioxidant. It fights off free-radical damage to your cells and has been shown to support healthy blood flow.


Super Turmeric Gets Into Your Bloodstream FASTER and Lasts Longer
125 mg of HydroCurc® Turmeric is 320% more bioavailable than standard curcumin

The bright yellow spice turmeric is known for its inflammatory-balancing powers, which is important for heart health. Yet, it’s a tough nutrient for your body to absorb. Using special proprietary technology, HydroCurc protects and enhances the absorption of its curcuminoids—the active ingredients in turmeric. Plus, it supports a healthy inflammatory response.


Chromium for Better Blood Sugar and Relaxed Arteries
400 mcg of Crominex® 3+ shows outstanding blood sugar and cardiovascular results

In not just one but several placebo-controlled clinical studies, 400 mcg of Crominex 3+ provided measurable support for ALL these key heart markers…

  • • C-reactive protein (CRP)—a critical inflammatory marker (this is SO important!)
  • • Healthy triglycerides*
  • • HDL cholesterol*
  • • LDL cholesterol*
  • • Improved endothelial function for healthy blood flow
  • • Increased nitric oxide production for blood vessel health

Nitric oxide is practically a medical marvel of a molecule when it comes to health blood flow and arteries. Nitric oxide is what helps your arteries to relax, so your blood can flow freely. Crominex 3+ was shown to boost nitric oxide levels more than 30%!

Plus, it helps support healthy glutathione levels (your body’s master antioxidant). And, it helps your body to process blood sugar for healthy glycemic control—a critical and often overlooked factor in cardiovascular health.


Powerful Foundation Nutrients
Support your heart, brain & more

L-carnitine is paired with CoQ10. Plus, you get folate and B vitamins to support healthy blood vessels and homocysteine levels, which are critical for brain health and cognitive function.


This product was recommended to me by my doctor. All the research I've performed has confirmed that I bought the right supplements.


—Michael H.

I have used and feel a huge difference in overall energy. I'm impressed with the product. I can tell a difference if I don’t take. I am grateful for the supplement.


—BillieJo H.

Cardio Quality Promise

Omega Q Plus MAX is formulated to meet stringent quality standards, with thoroughly screened raw materials, 100% batch testing, and independent verification of purity and potency.









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Try it Now and FEEL the Difference!

  • Improve your heart health from all angles
  • Flood your cells with vital energy
  • Boost your eyes, skin health & cognitive function
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Dr. Sinatra’s Heart Healthy Multivitamin delivers heart-smart heard-to-toe nutrition that helps replenish the nutrients that are depleted by common cardiovascular medications. If you’re concerned about your heart health, this cardiologist-developed multivitamin is the one you need.

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  • Cardiologist-developed, heart-smart multinutrient
  • Powerful antioxidant support
  • Helps replenish nutrients that may be depleted by common cardio meds
  • Helps support healthy blood pressure, homocysteine, and overall cardiovascular health